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What We Do

Policyowner Advisory, LLC Carol Guerieri consult with aggrieved insureds, policy owners and/or their professional advisors i.e. insurance agent, attorney, trustee, power of attorney, accountant/cpa, financial and/or investment advisory and/or analyst concerning in-force or lapsed life insurance and disability income insurance policies.

Policyowner Advisory, LLC Carol Guerieri acts as a consultant providing services on behalf of policy owners, insureds and/or their representatives assisting them in obtaining and maintaining the advantage and benefits provided pursuant to the terms and provisions of their group and/or individual life insurance and disability income insurance policies.


The advisory services include a review of all available records, notes and medical information pertaining to the insured, insurance product, insurance policy, insurance contracts, applications, original illustrations and in-force illustrations for the purpose of determining whether the existing/in-force policy met the best business practices, product and client suitability, administrative, firm element, state regulatory and compliance standards and federal FINRA regulatory and compliance standards imposed upon the insurance carrier, insurance agent, broker-dealer, registered representative/financial and/or investment advisor who is responsible for the sale of the insurance product.

The advisory service involves direct communications with the insurance carrier while working closely with and advocating for the insureds/owners and/or their counsel and/or trusted advisors, preparing a statement of facts and findings for purposes of claim payment or potential submission to the appropriate state insurance departments for the purpose of seeking relief for an aggrieved insured/owner.